Research Team

Currently I’m working in the software and system security group of State Key Laboratory of Information Security, directed by Prof. Kai Chen. We are looking for self-motivated and diligent students for Graduate Programs with the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, please drop us an email for Ph.D./Master applications.

Current Students:

Zizhuang Deng, Ph.D. (Sep., 2018) (co-supervised)

Weihao Huang, Ph.D. (Sep., 2018) (co-supervised)

Jinwen He, Ph.D. (Sep., 2019) (co-supervised)

Hongcheng Chen, Master

Xueyang Li, Master, (Sep., 2020)

Xiaodong Zhang, Master, (Sep., 2020)

Qiucun Yan, Master, (Sep., 2020)

Kun Lai, Master, (Sep., 2021)

Yibing Lan, Master, (Sep., 2021)

Lu Xiang, Master, (Sep., 2021)

Fan Xiang, Master, (Sep., 2022)

Yuling Cai, Master, (Sep., 2022)

Former Students:

Yingzhe He, Ph.D. (Sep., 2017 - June, 2022) (co-supervised) (Huawei Topminds “天才少年”计划)

Dongsong Yu, Ph.D. (Sep., 2015 - June, 2022) (co-supervised) (Assistant Professor, Zhongguancun National Laboratory)

Xingbo Hu, Master, (Sep., 2019 - June, 2022) (Huawei)

Yuhang Zhao, Master (Sep., 2018 - June, 2021) (co-supervised) (China Mobile Research Institute)

Wei Wang, Master (Sep., 2018 - Jan., 2021) (co-supervised with Tianjin University)

Bingchang Liu, Ph.D. (Sep., 2016 - June, 2020) (co-supervised) (Ali Star, Ant Group)

Mingming Zha, Master (Sep., 2016 - Jan., 2020) (co-supervised) (Ph.D. in University of Indiana, Bloomington)