Research Team

Currently I’m working in the software and system security group of State Key Laboratory of Information Security, directed by Prof. Kai Chen. We are looking for self-motivated and diligent students for Graduate Programs, please drop us an email for Ph.D./Master applications.

Current Students:

Yingzhe He, Ph.D. (Sep., 2017) (co-supervised)

Dongsong Yu, Ph.D. (Sep., 2015) (co-supervised)

Weihao Huang, Ph.D. (Sep., 2018) (co-supervised)

Wei Wang, Master, Tianjin University (Sep., 2018) (co-supervised)

Yuhang Zhao, Master (Sep., 2018) (co-supervised)

Jinwen He, Ph.D. (Sep., 2019) (co-supervised)

Xingbo Hu, Master, (Sep., 2019)

Xueyang Li, Master, (Sep., 2020)

Xiaodong Zhang, Master, (Sep., 2020)

Qiucun Yan, Master, (Sep., 2020)

Former Students:

Bingchang Liu, Ph.D. (Sep., 2016 - June, 2020) (co-supervised) (Ali Star, Ant Group)

Mingming Zha, Master (Sep., 2016 - Jan., 2020) (co-supervised) (Ph.D. in University of Indiana, Bloomington)